Yin Flow Yoga

Yin Flow Yoga

Fluid |  Gentle | Strength

Yin Flow Yoga is a patient and fluid approach to classical Hatha Yoga suitable for all levels.

Each class begins with one of the Flames of Agni,  a practice unique to this style, combining a breath exercise with simple synchronised movements and sacred hand postures known as mudras. This awakening practice gently mobilises the body, softly energises the breath and focuses the mind.

The class continues with a more gentle form of the Sun Salutation known as Moon Salutation. The Moon Salutation invites you to take more time and be more sensitive to your body, allowing you to be guided by each slow breath and move in harmony and without struggle.

The Moon Salutation moves naturally into another technique unique to this style called Ullola, meaning “wave.” The principle of Ullola is very simple, a synchronised breath and movement takes you into the yoga posture and then out again two or three times before finally you settle into the posture and let go. These waves of movement introduce your body to the posture in a progressive and patient way allowing you to prepare and be more free in both physically and mentally.

Now you are in the yoga posture the Yin attitude is all important. Instead of pushing the body into a stretch you allow the freedom of your breath and gravity to do the work for you. This promotes the minimum of stress on the muscles, joints and connective tissues while at the same time educating every part of your being to grow through a process of patience rather than ambition.

Standing, seated and lying postures are explored in the class, and as the group develops there is the option of inversions. Special attention is given to using the body safely, taking care to establish a good foundation, aligned joints, particularly the spine, and freedom in your breath in every yoga posture. The class is concluded with a 5-10 minute guided meditation.

Yin Flow Yoga is a delicious practice, it will leave your mind clear, your body energised and your entire being illuminated.

Classes are in English!

Docent: Arun
E-mail: arun@yogaroosendaal.nl
Mobiel: +340603 545 844 (what’s app only)

20.15 – 21.30

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