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Qigong is a moving meditation, similar to Tai Chi but much simpler and easier to learn, and suitable for all levels.

Qigong means – energy work. The cultivation of Qi, or life-force, is the primary purpose of Qigong. This is achieved in three simple ways.

The first is through the concentration of your mind. The second is through the focus of your breath. The third is through the effortless movement of your body. These three aspects combine and support each other, like three sides of a triangle to produce the moving meditation.

Through the practice of Qigong you will develop a more supple and strong body, a calm and focused mind, and better emotional balance. Qigong will also boost your immune system and give you more sustainable energy levels throughout the day.

The class begins with two of the 6 Healing Sounds to prepare the body and mind, then progresses to a very beautiful mobilising practice called The Flight of Being. The core part of the class is then devoted to practising a set sequence. We will begin with 8 Silken Movements, and as the group progresses we will introduce other sequences like 5 Elements, 5 Animals, 8 Immortals and 12 Transforming Classics. The class is completed with 5-10 minutes of Zen meditation, known as Chen meditation in Qigong. Join us and learn the art of moving into stillness.

Clothing: You can wear black pants or shorts of any style, and a white top of any style. These colours represent yin and yang, heaven and earth, softness and strength, the twin aspects that unite in harmony and manifest the universe.

Classes in English!

Docent: Arun
E-mail: arun@yogaroosendaal.nl
Mobiel: +340603 545 844 (what’s app only)

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