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Pralaya Arches is a project from the heart of Robert Boustany. It is the beautiful vision from a man who selflessly devoted his life to help ease the pain of so many people.

Gagliato, a small village in the south of Italy will be the backdrop for the home of Pralaya Yoga. In this pure land, Pralaya Arches will be created as a yoga center where hearts from all over the world (si signore e signori, that means local village community too) can blossom.

Artist impression created by architect Guido Bottazzo

Pralaya Arches Yoga Center

An old 500m2 home has already been acquired to realize the vision for Pralaya Arches as has been drawn by architect Guido Bottazzo. There will be two yoga rooms, a library with study area, a kitchen and dining room and a beautiful sun deck with sea view. Next to the main building there will be a small living area for Robert and for other teachers visiting Pralaya Arches in order to teach classes, workshops, retreats to local and international students.

The center will have a big garden with orange and lemon trees, and other fruits and vegetables. There will be plenty of space to relax, lay down on the grass or sit underneath the shadow of a beautiful olive tree or umbrella. At this moment we are investigating the possibility of having a few vedic cows (Jersey cows) in the garden too.



Robert Boustany has been teaching yoga for almost 50 years improving people’s lives in many different ways. During those years Robert developed the amazing Pralaya Yoga.

Robert being 70 years old and with all that he has given us, we feel now is the time to give something back. And in that way preserving the legacy of Robert too.

By means of realizing the dream and the vision he has. Sometimes we ask ourselves: Who are we giving to when we realize this beautiful project? Is it a gift to Robert? A gift to ourselves? Is it a gift to the growing Pralaya Yoga community? Or is it even bigger than that, since we all feel a need to contribute to a greater good, to a more beautiful world, to a happier life. For ourselves and for others.

How to support?

We invite you to join us in realizing this beautiful vision and help it come alive. Support Pralaya Arches by meditating on it, by sending some good energy and support it in all kinds of creative ways we didn’t even think about!

We are grateful in whatever way you are willing to put your energy, resources and talent into Pralaya Arches. As you probably understand, the project is big in terms of finances too, which means all financial support is very welcome, whether it is €10 or 10.000$ …

Make a financial donation through or

Other possibilities of supporting are:

  • –  Raise funds by means of organizing a fundraiser event
  • –  Offer a space for a fundraiser event
  • –  Attract crowdfunding
  • –  Sell goodies
  • –  Donate your time and skills
    Find out more on Pralaya Arches and how to support or feel welcome to share your ideas, questions and/or news with us via are looking forward to welcoming you to the Pralaya Arches family! With love,
    the Pralaya Arches team
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