Ashtanga Yoga

Dynamic | Static | Intense


Class opens with the universal mantra to cleanse the energy of the space for your yoga practice tot prepare the mind, body and emotions for the sequence. Class closes with the universal mantra to bring the practice to a peaceful end.

Warm up will consist of subtle exercises series integrating the breath synchronisation and awareness of the body´s movement. This is helpful to open major joints and relaxes the muscles. Any blockages that prevents the free flow of energy in body and mind will be removed. It is a more mental than physical practice and it can be followed by anyone: beginner or advanced, young or elderly. It should not be ignored or underestimated just because the practices are simple, gentle and comfortable.

Continuing with some Sun Salutation rounds to get you into movement, heating up the body, toning up the muscles, accelerating and intensifying the respiration and cardiac rhythm preparing you for the rest of the ashtanga yoga practice.

Asanas will be focused on some poses of the primary series of the Ashtanga Yoga system known as yoga therapy, designed to heal, detoxify and align the body and mind. Poses consist of standing postures, flexibility and combination of flexibility with strength. This is a breathing/moving system where each pose flows to the next.

Relaxation in the corpse pose and end up with closing with the universal chant.

19.00 – 20.30 

19.15 – 20.45 

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