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I am an international teacher from London,  teaching Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi since 2001.

I have always been especially interested in the philosophy supporting these ancient practices and have spent many years studying the authentic texts from India and China. The genuine wisdoms I have learned from these texts I try my best to communicate in my classes. I have discovered that these ancient wisdoms give my students a mental and emotional freedom that is otherwise very difficult to find in our Western way of thinking.

It is quite natural that if the heart and mind are free then the body follows. But if the heart and mind are not given the right context then it is very easy to develop a strong and flexible body and yet our anxieties to still remain. This is my particular passion as a teacher, to encourage in my students specific mental and emotional attitudes that allow the practice of Yoga and Qigong to transform our sense of self. 

I hope you can join me at for Yoga and Qigong and learn the art of moving into stillness.