Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga or Antigravity Yoga uses a silk in a form of a hammock to support the body in a position. Valuable results of this practice are stretching and balance improvement and strength building.

Aerial Yoga combines the poses of yoga with aerial arts. One of the wonderful things about using a silk in a form of hammock is that it makes it possible to practice for people of different ability levels. 

The practice generates heat in the muscles, elongate muscles, releases tensions.

Some benefits of Aerial Yoga:

– Upper body strength and core strength develop.

– Deeper stretching with less or no strain because the fabric supports a part of the body weight.

– Distribution of the weight throughout multiple points of the body making easier the total work of the body at once.

– Improve balance and control of the body by floating some parts of the body.

– Experience the empowerment of being able to lift your own body weight in new poses.

– Improve proper body alignment which influence into your everyday life.

Aerial Yoga will provide you a full body workout.


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